Thursday, May 26, 2011


My name is Bradley Bishop and I am from Meridian, Mississippi. I have recently graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences. I will be starting veterinary school at MSU in late June.

I have been a huge fan of music since I began driving in 10th grade. The first cd that I purchased for my new car was Nirvana's greatest hits. My passion for music has grown exponentially from that time. My musical taste resides mostly in the genre of rock, but since that genre has an immense number of sub-genres, I still have a wide variety of likes. I enjoy listening to everything from grunge to metalcore to pop-punk. It really depends on the intensity and passion of the musicians.

Although I had enjoyed music for years, I had never really tried my hand at being in a band until my freshman year at MSU. I picked up the bass guitar and joined the band "Yesternight's Decision". Over the past four years I have written music and some lyrics for our songs and we released our very own cd.

I am now hoping to try my hand at reviewing the music that I love (and, inevitably, some that I detest) in hopes of broadening the horizons of those on search for new music. I will gladly take a listen to any album that is requested to me and will try to promptly make a review for it.

Thanks for reading. I truly hope you enjoy.

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